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Track Android Hacker

After a thorough research by a group of American University students on Android Security lapses, we have formulated, designed and developed this app. This will protect your privacy and private data from being hacked. It will scan all possible (hacker’s) entry points and detect any malicious activities or anyone trying to steal your private data via Internet (Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G), Bluetooth, GPS, EMAIL etc.

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1. Android App Design and Development: Our experts analyze the requirements, research on them and go ahead with crafting the app. We follow agile methodology so as to synchronize our job with the users. 2. Testing Solutions: We do believe that Testing is an important aspect of an application life cycle. Our experts perform an end to end testing of the app before delivery. 3. Support and Maintenance: After the project is delivered, we stay connected to support the user. We do provide maintenance according to user requirement.